Leadership and organizational development

In the world of fast-paced innovation and technology the human element is still at the heart of every business...

Leadership and organizational excellence

Bring Emotional Intelligence to life in your organization

Every day we have countless interactions with other people; leaders, clients, teammates, managers, etc. Sometimes we fail to achieve the outcomes we desire in those interactions.  Often times organizations are filled with incredibly brilliant people, yet there is tension keeping teams from being as productive and successful as they should be.  By understanding these dynamics and learning how different people communicate differently through improved Emotional Intelligence, leaders lead better, teams reduce conflict, managers learn to inspire and customers are better served. 


Increased Emotional Intelligence leads to:

    *  Client satisfaction and preservation

    *  Talent retention and acquisition

    *  Higher productivity 

    *  Increased sales, without have to 'sell'

    *  Accelerated conflict resolution

    *  Sense of belonging and culture


Amplify excellence in your organization

TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE® Interpersonal Effectiveness

Emotional intelligence, social intelligence, interpersonal effectiveness, versatility

Increase leadership performance, improve management and employee engagement, impact team effectiveness, resolve conflict or build a high-performance sales culture. SOCIAL STYLE® is the world's most effective interpersonal skills model and is proven to improve the Versatility and performance of your organization's most essential asset - your people! As an Authorized Reseller, I can offer your professionals a tailored, individualized program to assess and understand their personal SOCIAL STYLE® and how it impacts their interpersonal communications.


Leadership and Team Dynamics

Interpersonal communication, interpersonal effectiveness, team building, team dynamics,

Amplify organizational excellence! Leaders set the tone for their teams.  Understanding how to lead a team through leadership development gets the team marching in the same direction and increases morale.  I help teams realize their collective potential by removing invisible barriers to success is a game changer for your business.  Increase trust through empathy and understanding of others.  When interpersonal team dynamics are strong, employees experience personal value, teams find their stride, and organizations succeed. Talent retention and satisfaction rises and your customers will notice too!

Let's customize your solution

Career and Personal Coaching

Personal coaching, executive coaching, career coaching

One-on-one career coaching can amplify your success quickly and much more easily than you would think. An outside perspective with 20+ years experience working with C-suite executives serving multinational companies can help you uncover pathways and advance your career!

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