About Amplify excellence


My Passion

Amplify Excellence strives to maintain laser focus on the importance of the human element in the business environment.  With a strong belief in empowering others by motivating individuals to realize and capitalize on their unique strengths as a catalyst to personal success, enhanced team dynamics and organizational excellence. Through the commitment to helping to remove the invisible barriers that exist in interpersonal communications and a better understanding what makes people tick, we can quickly solve for problems that exist in the workplace.  Increased emotional intelligence is paramount especially in a world where digital, robotics and artificial intelligence is moving at the speed of light. Amplify Excellence provides coaching and training for individuals and businesses to achieve their ambitions by providing researched-backed interpersonal effectiveness methodologies. 


My Approach

My service includes a comprehensive consult to help increase interpersonal effectiveness in your organization. After identifying what you are trying to fix, accomplish or avoid, a customized training program will be developed specifically for your needs. An individualized personal SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility assessment will be conducted to truly personalize the subsequent training and coaching offered to your organization.  Post-training online support materials are available to help engrain and guide individuals on the proven principles of social intelligence. One-on-one coaching is also offered for those who desire assistance with clients, co-workers, and team dynamics that may be impeding success. 


Why Amplify Excellence?

Amplify Excellence is committed to your success.  Using TRACOM SOCIAL STYLES ®  proven methodology, the emotional intelligence of your organization can increase rapidly, allowing for your business to thrive with increased sales, client and human capital retention, employee satisfaction and augmented trust with your customers. I want you to focus on what your business does best by removing any interpersonal obstacles standing in your way!