Ashleigh Miller


My background

After spending over 20 years working for professional services organizations, serving large multinational companies across every industry, I decided to take a leap of faith and create Amplify Excellence. I spent time coaching teams on account management, growth strategies and sales and negotiation methodologies.  I have worked with C-suite executives of Fortune 100 companies building innovative programs to network peers facing similar challenges for purposes of learning, sharing ideas and cultivating strong business connections.

Having served organizations in a wide variety of capacities, it occurred to me that the success (or lack of success), in every business function, was grounded in the degree to which interpersonal communications were effective.  I experienced so many situations where goals were missed, money was left on the table, and morale suffered due to the lack of understanding one another as human beings.  I started Amplify Excellence to help organizations realize the importance of the human element to the success of their companies and to provide a simple solution to solve for this valuable need. 


The human element

Organizations are moving at lightening speed, sharpening their technical acumen, perfecting their products, watching their competition, improving their technology, and often overlooking and underestimating the soft skills within their companies.  Leaders can become disconnected from the dynamics and culture effecting the entirety of the company.  The power and strength of human capital can be optimized to drive satisfaction and growth from the bottom up.  People like to work with and buy from people they like, understand and trust.  Social intelligence is critical to success. 


The solution

As a business leader, I can help empower others by motivating individuals to realize their unique strengths as a catalyst to personal success, enhanced team dynamics and organizational excellence. With a passion for the human element within the business environment, I facilitate workshops on the art of emotional intelligence in the market and the workplace. I am a certified TRACOM SOCIAL STYLES®  facilitator and develop and deliver customized programs for small and enterprise companies. coaching business and management consultant